About me and this site

Johan Stenehall

I’m a Swedish web developer currently working at iZettle. At iZettle I work with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, Sass and many other technologies.

Previously I worked at Narrative coding on their main website, the main web based app, their E-com, their blog and various other sites. Developing and maintaining all web based presence.

Before Narrative I worked at Noc Webbyrå. Mostly working with Drupal and WordPress doing both front-end and backend.

In my spare time I working on Igelkott and beLight and enjoy drinking coffee at Chocolat Butik & Café Espresso Sosta Bar, sport climbing at, Linköpings klätterklubb Klättercenter Telefonplan working out at Friskis & Svettis nowhere and running in Rydskogen at no place.

The site

The site is built using jekyll and hosted on GitHub. The source code can be found on GitHub.

The site is now built on wordpress, more about that in a blog post soon.