DuckDuckGo instant answers

A week ago I stopped using Google as my primary search engine and started using DuckDuckGo instead. I’m slowly learning to like it. One example of the things I really … Keep reading

Optimize , list items

A common solution for adding a , between a list of things in html/css is the following css. li:after { content: ‘, ‘; } li:last-child:after { content: ”; } The … Keep reading

When server rendering React keep track of includes

When using multiple files to server render React make sure to not include a library multiple times. It’s easy to get the wrong state. If you for example include Helmet … Keep reading


A fluid width, equal height calendar view.

We created a calendar view for work some weeks back and we wanted the cells to be equal height/width. If you don’t need it to be fluid it’s not a … Keep reading

Optimizing your WordPress site for Google PageSpeed Insight

I spent some time optimising my page-loading speed a while ago. While I’ve not yet looked into optimising the html and css or even the rendering. Since this is a … Keep reading

A very flexible full-width image grid using flex

It’s always an interesting challenge to minimize the amount of Javascript needed to solve a problem. Using smarter CSS, improve your HTML, solve the problem in a different way. This … Keep reading


Newspaper layout on the web

While the web have come a long way since spacer gifs creating more advanced layouts is still tricky at times. I found an interesting layout question on Stack Overflow some … Keep reading

Bought some #lego this weekend. Took me some time to build it but now it’s done! Really proud of the result.

Bought some #lego this weekend. Took me some time to build it but now it's done! Really proud of the result.

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Photo taken at: Stockholm, Sweden

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Spontaneous photo shoot in the park #stockholm #narrativeculture #narrativeclip2 #clip2

Spontaneous photo shoot in the park #stockholm #narrativeculture #narrativeclip2 #clip2

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Photo taken at: Humlegården

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#foggy mornings in #stockholm almost feels like the rainforest.

#foggy mornings in #stockholm almost feels like the rainforest.

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Trying to figure out a bug. Only similarity between the 4 people affected? They all live in #sanfrancisco Ever heard of a city based #bug?

Trying to figure out a bug. Only similarity between the 4 people affected? They all live in #sanfrancisco Ever heard of a city based #bug?

Dockers philosophy on OS X “Don’t contaminate your system, except with our dirt”. #docker

Dockers philosophy on OS X “Don’t contaminate your system, except with our dirt”. #docker

Angående transporter av vapenförsändelse är rubriken på doc:et från PTS mannen bredvid mig på tbanan skriver på. Intressant. Hemligt? @ptsse

Angående transporter av vapenförsändelse är rubriken på doc:et från PTS mannen bredvid mig på tbanan skriver på. Intressant. Hemligt? @ptsse

Build your docker images from npm

The background, docker and gitflow At work we’re slowly moving over to use docker for all our servers. While I’m not in charge of this I’ve also been toying with moving my work … Keep reading

Bluetooth problems in Yosemite

I recently ran into some very weird problems with my bluetooth trackpad and keyboard in OS X. Google told me to reboot, resetting SMC or replacing batteries but nothing worked. … Keep reading


Spinning flower

I’m spinning around See the Pen Animation play by Johan Stenehall (@stenehall) on CodePen.

Animated toggle checkbox without javascript

:before and -moz-appearance: none This all thing could have been so much cleaner. Sadly Firefox stoped this (and very possibly also older IE). Firstly Mozilla doesn't actually hide the checkbox … Keep reading

My washing machines are talking to each other

Mitt första twitter-meddelande Men jag minns inte alls vart jag fick det ifrån. Jag hade gärna sett en tjänst som också påminner mig om varför jag skrev det. My washing … Keep reading

Broken MySQL on Mavericks

Can’t find file: ‘./mysql/plugin.frm’ (errno: 13 – Permission denied) The reason this happens seems to be that some upgrade process either in brew or in os x changes the permissions … Keep reading

Ghost is almost ready!

Ember.js and Apps With 0.5 Ghost will start using Ember for the admin interface and will also support apps. Apps is Ghosts solution for plugins/modules or whatever you want to … Keep reading


Bot.js a pluggable node.js irc bot

Yet another bot? Yeah that’s right! I’m definitely reinventing the wheel here. There’s already lots of great bots, even great node.js bots. But that’s not the point. I’m just doing … Keep reading

Mailbox – Zero inbox

At work At work I’ve been running a very successful inbox zero for some time. Once an errand is taken care of it goes in the archive. If I need … Keep reading

dust.js a javascript template engine

Node.js and Client side dust.js seems to be quite similare to mustache but with some added niceness. It also playes nice with node.js and shouldn't be to hard to get … Keep reading

Heroku uses a very old version of node.js

But there’s a solution I spent a while wondering why my code that ran so good localy wouldn’t run on heroku. I couldn’t figure it out when I suddenly noticed … Keep reading

My currenct Sublime Text 3 configuration

Sublime Text 3, with Phoenix Dark, Base16 color scheme and Source Code Pro. Package controll To install the theme and color scheme I used Sublime Package Control. Since things have … Keep reading

DigitalOcean offers 512MB vps for just $5 a month

DigitalOcean offers very cheap VPNs starting at just $5 a month, with servers in both US and Europe.' Buy a VPN for less than a Coffee Since I generally spend … Keep reading

Write using ruby and rake – Jekyll again

Easier deploy This is a small task that simply deploys the current changes to github. desc ‘deploy to github’ task :deploy do puts ‘deploying’ sh “git add . && git … Keep reading

Sites that show of

En samling som kanske fylls på Cabin Porn – Sidan är absolut sfw trots dess namn. Simple Desks – Inspiration för jobbskrivborder?

RECESS is a simple, attractive code quality tool for CSS

Force yourself to write cleaner css By always running your code throw RECESS you'll get better organized properties. RECESS is a simple node.js package so it's also simple to install.

IE7 not playing nice with overflow:hidden

But you can fix it without any nasty hacks Well almost. The only thing you need is to add overflow: hidden to the parent element and it'll fix it!


on{X} for android

New Nexus 7, time for a Nexus 4? I recently bought an Nexus 7 to play with and had to try one of the best products created by Microsoft, ever. … Keep reading

Https redirect for htaccess

Simplest way to redirect directly in htaccess Sometimes you don’t have access to the server and have to do a redirect in a .htaccess file. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !^on$ … Keep reading

Ruby screencasts

Just a small collection Will update this post when I find new good screencasts. Rubytapas – Costs $9/month but theres some free casts that I'm currently watching. Railscasts – Lots … Keep reading

Track PDFs in Google Analytics

With just 3 lines of code After a quick Google search I couldn’t find a really clean way to track PDF clicks. So I wrote my own solution instead. $(“a[href$=’pdf’]”).live(‘click’, … Keep reading

Att blogga med markdown – Jekyll

Markdown till statiska filer Den största skillnaden mellan Nanoc och traditionella blogglösningar är att Nanoc generera statiska html filer. Det här innebär betydligt snabbare sidladdningar och mindre serverbelastning. Men det … Keep reading

Google ser dig – Det gör DN också

DN övervakar dig rejält I artikeln namnges banker, partier och myndigheter som använder Google Analytics (GA) och det lyfts fram hur otäckt det är. DN har analyserat tio personers surfande … Keep reading


Låna ut pengar utan ränta! Jag har länge gillat iden med Kiva och hur man enkelt når ut till människor som behöver små lån runt om i världen. Att ge … Keep reading

Ruby gem mysql2 for MAMP

env ARCHFLAGS=”-arch x86_64″ gem install –no-rdoc –no-ri mysql2 — –with-mysql-config=/Applications/MAMP/Library/bin/mysql_config

No Index

What does it do? All it simply does is to warn you if you ever have a noindex meta robots tag in your html. If you ever happen to forget … Keep reading


Autocomplete from any folder using CDPATH

The magic of CDPATH Bashs man page describes what the `CDPATH variable does. The search path for the cd command. This is a colon-separated list of directories in which the … Keep reading

Privatkopieringsskatten betalar för piratkopieringen?

I skuggan av FRA och IPRED debatten I skuggan av FRA och IPRED debatten har jag funderat kring skatten på lagringsmedia som faktiskt finns i sverige, 54% i extra privatkopieringsskatt … Keep reading


Don’t you just love xkcd?

I just love this xkcd strip so very very true.

The gummi bears only on 8th place

Only 8th place The author of this The 10 Best 80s Cartoon Theme Songs cant have heard the gummi bears theme song in danish. If he had it would definitely … Keep reading

Urusel på att blogga

Urusel bloggare Jag är verkligen en urusel bloggare. Jag väntar konstant på något tillräckligt intressant och unikt att blogga om. Vad finns det för mening med att blogga om ipred, … Keep reading

Top 4 places on Google

Google analytics makes it easy I just did some google analytics research. I'm using it on this page to track the non-existing visitors. And as I suspected not many people … Keep reading

Reasons for switching to Habari

Server load I've used WordPress for years and year without problem, but it never really felt right. So when I came across Habari I decided to try it out. Not … Keep reading

Quick svn-web guide for Habari

It's simple Quick explanation on how to get your habari into your own svn repository. All commands should be run in a console.Ok, so here goes. I assume you've got … Keep reading

Habari on nginx

Doing it habari style Since this site is running on a vps with a limited amount of ram I felt the need of changing from Apache to something less memory … Keep reading

Mitt första blogginlägg någonsin

Ok. I guess the time has come. The point of no return. I've had a blog for years and years but I've yet to write a single entry. So here … Keep reading