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Optimizing your WordPress site for Google PageSpeed Insight

I spent some time optimising my page-loading speed a while ago. While I’ve not yet looked into optimising the html and css or even the rendering. Since this is a … Keep reading

A very flexible full-width image grid using flex

It’s always an interesting challenge to minimize the amount of Javascript needed to solve a problem. Using smarter CSS, improve your HTML, solve the problem in a different way. This … Keep reading

My washing machines are talking to each other

Mitt första twitter-meddelande Men jag minns inte alls vart jag fick det ifrån. Jag hade gärna sett en tjänst som också påminner mig om varför jag skrev det. My washing … Keep reading

Mailbox – Zero inbox

At work At work I’ve been running a very successful inbox zero for some time. Once an errand is taken care of it goes in the archive. If I need … Keep reading

dust.js a javascript template engine

Node.js and Client side dust.js seems to be quite similare to mustache but with some added niceness. It also playes nice with node.js and shouldn't be to hard to get … Keep reading

My currenct Sublime Text 3 configuration

Sublime Text 3, with Phoenix Dark, Base16 color scheme and Source Code Pro. Package controll To install the theme and color scheme I used Sublime Package Control. Since things have … Keep reading

Write using ruby and rake – Jekyll again

Easier deploy This is a small task that simply deploys the current changes to github. desc ‘deploy to github’ task :deploy do puts ‘deploying’ sh “git add . && git … Keep reading

Google ser dig – Det gör DN också

DN övervakar dig rejält I artikeln namnges banker, partier och myndigheter som använder Google Analytics (GA) och det lyfts fram hur otäckt det är. DN har analyserat tio personers surfande … Keep reading


Låna ut pengar utan ränta! Jag har länge gillat iden med Kiva och hur man enkelt når ut till människor som behöver små lån runt om i världen. Att ge … Keep reading

Autocomplete from any folder using CDPATH

The magic of CDPATH Bashs man page describes what the `CDPATH variable does. The search path for the cd command. This is a colon-separated list of directories in which the … Keep reading