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A fluid width, equal height calendar view.

We created a calendar view for work some weeks back and we wanted the cells to be equal height/width. If you don’t need it to be fluid it’s not a … Keep reading

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Newspaper layout on the web

While the web have come a long way since spacer gifs creating more advanced layouts is still tricky at times. I found an interesting layout question on Stack Overflow some … Keep reading

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Build your docker images from npm

The background, docker and gitflow At work we’re slowly moving over to use docker for all our servers. While I’m not in charge of this I’ve also been toying with moving my work … Keep reading

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Spinning flower

I’m spinning around See the Pen Animation play by Johan Stenehall (@stenehall) on CodePen.

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Animated toggle checkbox without javascript

:before and -moz-appearance: none This all thing could have been so much cleaner. Sadly Firefox stoped this (and very possibly also older IE). Firstly Mozilla doesn't actually hide the checkbox … Keep reading

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Bot.js a pluggable node.js irc bot

Yet another bot? Yeah that’s right! I’m definitely reinventing the wheel here. There’s already lots of great bots, even great node.js bots. But that’s not the point. I’m just doing … Keep reading

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IE7 not playing nice with overflow:hidden

But you can fix it without any nasty hacks Well almost. The only thing you need is to add overflow: hidden to the parent element and it'll fix it!

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on{X} for android

New Nexus 7, time for a Nexus 4? I recently bought an Nexus 7 to play with and had to try one of the best products created by Microsoft, ever. … Keep reading

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Https redirect for htaccess

Simplest way to redirect directly in htaccess Sometimes you don’t have access to the server and have to do a redirect in a .htaccess file. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{HTTPS} !^on$ … Keep reading

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Ruby screencasts

Just a small collection Will update this post when I find new good screencasts. Rubytapas – Costs $9/month but theres some free casts that I'm currently watching. Railscasts – Lots … Keep reading

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