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Bluetooth problems in Yosemite

I recently ran into some very weird problems with my bluetooth trackpad and keyboard in OS X. Google told me to reboot, resetting SMC or replacing batteries but nothing worked. … Keep reading

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Broken MySQL on Mavericks

Can’t find file: ‘./mysql/plugin.frm’ (errno: 13 – Permission denied) The reason this happens seems to be that some upgrade process either in brew or in os x changes the permissions … Keep reading

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Ghost is almost ready!

Ember.js and Apps With 0.5 Ghost will start using Ember for the admin interface and will also support apps. Apps is Ghosts solution for plugins/modules or whatever you want to … Keep reading

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Heroku uses a very old version of node.js

But there’s a solution I spent a while wondering why my code that ran so good localy wouldn’t run on heroku. I couldn’t figure it out when I suddenly noticed … Keep reading

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DigitalOcean offers 512MB vps for just $5 a month

DigitalOcean offers very cheap VPNs starting at just $5 a month, with servers in both US and Europe.' Buy a VPN for less than a Coffee Since I generally spend … Keep reading

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Sites that show of

En samling som kanske fylls på Cabin Porn – Sidan är absolut sfw trots dess namn. Simple Desks – Inspiration för jobbskrivborder?

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RECESS is a simple, attractive code quality tool for CSS

Force yourself to write cleaner css By always running your code throw RECESS you'll get better organized properties. RECESS is a simple node.js package so it's also simple to install.

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