• Frontend
  • HTML / CSS (SASS using BEM)
  • Javacript (React and Angular)
  • Responsive/Adaptive design
  • Progressive enhancement (but of course also graceful degradation)
  • Backend
  • Node.js, Express, Drupal, WordPress, Kohana, Codeigniter
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, RethinkDB
  • Using
  • OS X / Linux, CoreOS, Docker
  • Revision (Git / SVN)
  • Grunt / Gulp / Rake / Webpack
  • Atom / Vim
  • Photoshop / Sketch

Some random Projects

Igelkott, a node.js pluggable irc bot

Igelkott is a node.js pluggable irc bot with a long list of plugins.

Slashbet is a tracker of bets for Slashat

A small site that lets the listners of Slashat keep track of and vote on bets made during the podcast.