Reasons for switching to Habari

Server load

I’ve used Wordpress for years and year without problem, but it never really felt right. So when I came across Habari I decided to try it out.

Not that I’ve published anything for Wordpress but I’ve written a couple of plugins and themes so I’m used to how it should work. That turned out to be a small problem when starting to write plugins and themes for Habari. I expected everything to be hard, as it usably was in wordpress. But it wasn’t. Everything is extremely straight forward in Habari. Not everything works, not all hooks for filters and actions are implemented. But on a hole everything is stable and the people working with it is great.Sadly habari is still a very small project and not many people know about it. So I’ve decided to collect some reason why to switch to Habari. So here is the first reason: Reason nr 1