on{X} for android

New Nexus 7, time for a Nexus 4?

I recently bought an Nexus 7 to play with and had to try one of the best products created by Microsoft, ever. onX lets you automate almost anything on your phone. Microsoft have created a couple of different recipes for you but you can easily create new ones using their excellent API.

  • Text a random good morning message to my boyfriend every work day at 8:00 AM
  • Text “I’m in a noisy place, will call you back” when I’m in a noisy place and miss a phone call
  • Launch the Foursquare application when I am at my favorite restaurant for over 10 minutes
  • Turn WiFi on when I arrive at work
  • Remind me to take an umbrella every day the first time I unlock my phone, if it is going to be rainy

Above is just a couple of predefined recipes. If you want to write your own you need to login to their site and create a new recipe. My first attempt at an recipe gives me the current wheather on unlock but only after 60 minutes.

var onLocked
device.screen.on('off', function () {
  onLocked = 0
  var now = new Date()
  onLocked = new Date(

device.screen.on('unlock', function () {
  var timeDiff = Math.floor((new Date().getTime() - onLocked.getTime()) / 1000) // Minutes

  if (timeDiff > 60) {
        location: 'Linköping',
        locationtype: 'city',
        unittype: 'm',
      function onSucess(weather, textStatus, response) {
        var messageBox = device.notifications.createMessageBox('Weather info')
        messageBox.content =
          "It's " +
          weather.now.temperature +
          'C, Rain:' +
          weather.now.rain +
          "% It's " +
        messageBox.buttons = ['Ok']

The above is currently not working.

onX actually makes me want an Android phone. Nexus 4 just came out, right?